For fertility testing and treatment the majority of ultrasounds are done transvaginally that is via the vagina. Safe and straight forward procedure.

Works by using high frequency sound waves to create image of the internal organs.

During the scans, the transducer, which is being inserted in the vagina is shaped like a slender, long wand. A condom is placed over the wand and a lubricant gel is generously squirted over it.

The bladder should be empty before transvaginal scan.

What are the days in which it is done?

Baseline scan on Day 2 / Day 3:

Baseline scan helps to look at the uterus, ovaries, antral follicle count, polycystic ovaries, and any abnormalities in the uterus like fibroids, adenomyosis, endometrial polyps and endometriomas and cysts in ovaries.

Follicular Monitoring:

This is the most important use. Done once in every 3 days or alternate days as required to study the follicular growth and ovulation helping to time the sexual intercourse and IUI procedures.

Ultrasound guided procedures like IUI, oocyte retrieval in IVF can be done.

Resect uterine septum.

Embryo transfer done under the  transabdominal ultrasound guidance.

Is it harmful?

Unlike X-rays, ultrasound scans do not use radiation, hence no harmful side effects and they are safe.

Is it useful in pregnant women?

Yes in the first trimester

To confirm the date of pregnancy.

Check the heartbeat of the fetus.

Assess the condition of placenta.

Number of fetuses.

To rule out ectopic pregnancy.

Results of the scan will be given immediately. Time taken is only 5-10 minutes for a TVS. Some might experience a small discomfort but it is temporary and disappears after the procedure.

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