IVF – In vitro fertilization

Artificial reproductive technique. Egg is combined with sperm outside the body- embryo is formed and transferred into the uterus.

IVF - Test tube baby

The process involves:

Stimulating the ovaries with hormone injections.

Monitoring of egg growth by transvaginal ultrasound.

Egg retrieval under anesthesia by the transvaginal route.

Simultaneous sperm preparation.

Co-incubation of sperm and egg.

Embryo culture.

Embryo transfer.

Luteal support.

Who all need IVF those with?

Bilateral tubal block.

Grade III / IV endometriosis.

Severe male factor impairment.

Unexplained infertility.

Embryo transfer.

Recurrent IUI failures.

Those requiring donor egg.

With surgically retrieved sperm.

What are the chances of getting pregnant with IVF?

35 – 45% live birth rate over three cycles.

How many eggs needed for IVF?

Minimum of 6 eggs atleast is needed.

How many injections do you need for IVF?

Typically patients receive injections for 8 – 10 days, but some must take for a little longer.

Are IVF babies normal?

About 5 million kids worldwide have been born from IVF and babies born from IVF are healthy and grow into healthy adults.

When do you test for pregnancy post IVF?

Check for urine pregnancy test as well as serum beta hcg levels post IVF on the 14th day of embryo transfer. Any value 100 and more taken as positive.

Do we have to take lot of drugs post embryo transfer?

Yes, progesterone drugs are must. Mostly given as vaginal preparations capsules or as gels. Sometimes intramuscular progesterone also given.

Does IVF need bed rest?

Bed rest after IVF doesn’t help only restricted activity advised.

Is IVF more successful the second time?

Women’s success rates with IVF did not improve much after the first three cycles. About 1 in 3 women had a baby after their first attempt with IVF and nearly half carried a child to term the second time.

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