IUI or intrauterine insemination is a relatively simple fertility treatment. It may done with or without fertility drugs. The procedure itself involves transferring specially washed semen directly into the uterus via a thin catheter.


IUI treatment may be recommended for any of the following situations:

Male infertility.

Hostile cervical mucus.

Unexplained infertility.

If treatment with fertility drugs alone is not successful.

If a sperm donor is being used.

If sexual pain makes intercourse not possible.

IUI is not recommended for those with:

Blocked fallopian tubes.

Severe endometriosis.

Previous pelvic infection.


When considering fertility treatments above and beyond fertility drug use, IUI may be the first tried. It is also costs much less. The price however varies considerably from clinic to clinic.

Treatment cycles:

Your cycle will depend on why your doctor has recommended IUI and on whether you’re taking fertility drugs.

Clomid or Letrozole with IUI:

In this situation as soon as your next period starts you’ll have a blood test. You may also have an ultrasound. This is to confirm you’re not pregnant and don’t have any ovarian cysts. Assuming everything looks good you’ll start taking the oral fertility drugs n the days prescribed by your doctor. You may or may not have ultrasound monitoring and more blood work as the cycle progresses. If your doctor is monitoring your cycle she will schedule the IUI procedure for judt before ovulation.

Gonadotropixs with IUI:

Gonadotropixs are injectable fertility drugs including FSH, LH, HMA and HCG. When you get your period to schedule a baseline ultrasound and blood work. You’ll start giving yourself injections according to your doctor’s instructions. Every so many days you’ll have transvaginal ultrasound and/or blood work.
The transvaginal ultrasound will look for developing follicles. The ultrasound tech will look to see how many are there hour quickly they are growing and whether they are nearing maturity. The blood work will measure E2, LH and progesterore.
Your medications may be adjusted based on your hormone levels and the size and number of follicles growing on your ovaries.
When one or more follicles reach maturity you doctor will schedule a trigger shot of HCG and schedule the IUI procedure.

The Procedure:

The procedure is pretty simple though it’s normal to feel nervous about it. It will be done in your fertility clinic.
If you’re using a sperm donor, the donor sperm will be thawed and prepared.
If not your partner will come into the clinic that day with you and give a semen sample. The semen sample is achieved via masturbation. If your partner will be out of town or if he had difficulty providing a sample in the past. Your partner may provide his semen sample is frozen it will be thawed and prepared.
Semen contains more than just sperm. Your doctor will put the semen through special washing procedures. This takes out the impurities and leaves only what’s needed for conception.
A catheter small thin tube will be placed in your cervix. The specially washed semen will then be transferred into your uterus via the catheter. The catheter is removed and you’re done.

What to Except post-procedure:

After the IUI procedure you may be prescribed progesterone. 14 days post IUI your doctor may order a pregnancy blood test.

Success Rate:

In cycles where fertility drugs and IUI were combined the pregnancy rate was 8 percent to 17 percent. These are per cycle rates meaning that the success odds are higher when looking at multiple cycles together.
Your personal success rate will vary depending on the cause of your infertility and your age.
Success rates per couple (over more than one cycle) in this study were…

55.6 percent for cervical factor infertility.

47.4 percent for anovulation.

41.7 percent for male factor infertility.

10.7 percent for endometriosis.

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