Rise of late marriages and its impact on fertility


There has been a rising trend in the age of marriage in the past 10 years which is alarming. Women are career oriented and their main focus is on their career graph where they would like to achieve a goal and then get married.

Leading an independent life has become a passion, finding marriage as an entity which locks them. So many of them are much more comfortable with the living together form of life.

Though women achieve their dreams by postponing the marriage, the fact to be looked upon is that they show a decline in fertility as the age advances. As they cross 30, the ovarian reserve i.e. the number of eggs in ovaries show a fall in count.

Not only the count, after the age of 35, there is a drastic fall in egg quality further leading to subfertility. The fertility potential is reduced much in the middle aged women.

Moreover, increased age can present with medical problems like diabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia which are further detrimental to fertile life. They are susceptible to fibroids in uterus, recurrent ovarian cysts, development of adenomyosis all of which impair fertility.

Further, the antenatal period might be stormy due to the development of diabetes, hypertension and small for gestational babies. Due to the rigid perineum, higher incidence of caesarean sections seen.

Not only females, males too show a fall in spermatogenesis rate once they cross their 40’s.the medical complications like diabetes, hypertension & occupational stress further add on to the low count and motility.

Although advanced reproductive technologies like IUI and IVF have come in vogue, their success rates also ultimately depend on the oocyte and sperm quality. What we infer is that the highest fertility rate for women is between 23-28 years and women should try to complete their family within this period not compromising their career too. Support from family will help to achieve both.

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