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The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This cliche is still true. Eating the right foods can help create the right mood and boost the right hormones to help couples conceive quicker. Modern diet has become monotonous with a dominance of carbohydrate, un-enriched by fiber and poor in vitamins and minerals. Healthy food is linked to not just good health but also production of healthy egg and sperm. Natural fertility boosters can aid conception and also promote a safe pregnancy with a smooth outcome.

Multigrain diet:

Nature has endowed man with a multitude variety of cereals and grains. However, our diet seems to be dominated by only Rice and Wheat. Including dosas and porridges made up of Ragi, Oats, Millets etc in our daily food can enrich this. A multigrain diet can promote weight loss and richer fiber content helps with smoother, regular bowel movements. Diabetics struggling with sugar level controls and women with irregular periods can also find difference when switching to a multigrain diet.


Our Indian diet is poor in protein. Complementing each major meal with protein is essential both during conception and lactational period. The good sources of protein in our diet are almonds, legumes and pulses, eggs, milk and dairy products plus fish and meats. A protein rich diet can balance out our diet. It is useful in those suffering from Tuberculosis those who have a very lean body habitus and these women with a disorder of ovulation called PCOS. Soya beans is especially recommended for women because of its protective effects on bone, heart and ovaries.


Fruits are a magical source of nutrients. Being the reproductive organ of the plant, they help our own reproductive system in a myriad of ways. Coloured fruits such as Pomegranates, Papaya and Watermelon are rich sources of Vitamin A & C. The carotenoids in these coloured fruits are powerful anti oxidants that protect the body cells from damage. Pomegranate, because of its active components like tannins and punicic acid, is known to fight ageing and boost libido. Guava, our native fruit is a great source of fiber and vitamin C. Avocado or butter fruit is a rich source of vitamin E and helps in production of male and female sex hormones. Regular consumption of these fruits can increase sex drive as well as enhance the quality of egg and sperm.


Almost all vegetables provide us fiber, minerals and vitamins. Coloured vegetables like carrots, beetroot and pumpkin can provide a high dose of protective anti oxidants and carotenoids. Tomatoes, not only supply vitamin C, but also have a special antioxidant called Lycopene. The properties of Lycopene include correction of sperm DNA damage and boosting sperm motility. Moringa (drumstick) has an age old reputation of being a fertility adjuvant. The leaves are a rich source of iron and are now thought to prevent premature ageing of the ovaries.

Nuts and Seeds:

Nuts and Seeds provide us with Protein, Zinc, Manganese and omega 3 fatty acids. Among nuts, walnuts are sometimes called ‘the king of nuts’ because of its enriched content of the above nutrients. Almonds and almond oil are considered an aphrodisiac that can improve the sex drive. Adding flaxseed oil to our daily diet can add valuable constituents that regulate hormonal imbalance in the women’s body.


Spices are often credited to spicen up the love life. Chillies are called ‘love food’ in many parts of the Mediterranean. The reason for this is its active ingredient called capsaicin which promotes warmth by increasing the flow of blood throughout the body. Fenugreek similarly is an aphrodisiac. Our native flower jasmine is also thought to peak the female hormone Oestrogen and promote conception.


Nothing brings immediate noticeable effects on the body as drinking of adequate amounts of water. In our climate, a consumption of 3-4 liters of water is needed to prevent dehydration. Dehydration can bring about dryness in the female and premature ejaculation in the male, both of which can make lovemaking unpleasant. Drinking enough water also protects against urinary tract infection in women.

The above fertility boosters from naturally available foods can make a big difference to conception and pregnancy. Taking them in a balanced combination, everyday can regulate the hormones, improve libido and protect the egg and sperm from DNA damage. Those couples on fertility treatments need to enrich their diet with these fertility boosters and exercise for quicker results. At Queens Fertility Center, we believe that ‘a holistic approach is the best kind of approach’.

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