Equality for Women is Progress for All


“Equality for women is progress for all” is the theme for 2014 women’s day. Knowledge and education definitely help women to get equality in society. On the eve of women’s day I would like to enlighten women about a condition that affects their personal health and family life.

All women should be aware of a condition called premature ovarian failure. That means ovaries stop functioning before age of 40 years. In a normal female, ovaries continue to function, that is, releasing a egg every month until the age of at least 45. In premature ovarian failure this function is lost before 40 years.

Is it so common to be very much precautious?

It is seen among 1-2% of women. It’s suspected in women having irregular periods, long periods of amenorrhoea and presenting with infertility. Some may even present with menopausal symptoms. The cause for this premature ovarian aging falls on auto immunity in which the fighter cells of the body act against own cell so that it depletes eggs. Autoimmunity also affects other organs leading to infertility by causing hypo/hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus.

What are the problems with this condition?

Failure to become pregnant due to absence of eggs, weakening bones. Whatever the cause for premature ovarian failure, she can become pregnant with assistance of modern technique. I wish all women a happy women’s day.

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