Women’s day is about celebrating women empowerment. We celebrate the right of women to make her own decisions on issues such as education, career, marriage and motherhood. Marrying late because of educational or financial aspirations or even living apart to achieve personal goals is no longer uncommon among today’s couples. All this takes time and it has negative effect on biology of human reproduction.

As a fertility specialist, I often meet couples in their late thirties contemplate on becoming parents for the first time. Age exerts its poignant effects on both men and women. After 35, two things happen. First, number of eggs in her body begins to decline rapidly. Second, quality and fertilization potential of egg falls. The result is that spontaneous conception becomes less with increasing age. Plus, the incidence of chromosomal problems in child (e.g. Down’s syndrome) increases. During pregnancy, chances of diabetes, hypertension and growth restriction are higher. Men are not spared either. Men in their 40’s show a decline in both fertility and sexual function. Planning a family should shift the priorities of the couple. A balanced family career attitude and good sex life become new priorities.

Ovaries function better when the woman has the correct body weight, has a good intake of fresh fruits and regular exercise. When it comes to planning a family, sooner is often better!

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